Nematodes in New Zealand native ants

Diploscapter formicidae sp. n. (Rhabditida: Diploscapteridae)

Ever dissected an ant and found it to be jam packed with will little worms? Evan Brenton-Rule, Julien Grangier  and Monica Gruber have. The article on nematode infections in native ants is out “on-line early” in Nematology. With a Landcare Research Ltd scientist (Dr Zeng Qi Zhao) they describe a new species of nematode commonly infecting the native ant Prolasius advenus. While females of this nematode were abundant, we have yet to find a male, which indicates males may be absent or rare in this species.

The full article can be found, with some amazing microscopy images, on line in the journal NEMATOLOGY.


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