Martian landscapes… or ants?

Not strictly entomological…  but still worth a look! GigaPan is a US company that creates interactive gigapixel images. This technology was developed through a collaboration of Carnegie Mellon, NASA and Google. It was developed for NASA’s rovers to capture high definition panoramas of Mars. Thankfully Jay Longson a graduate of UC Santa Cruz realised that the … Continue reading


Ever considered a career change?

Most entomologists will be familiar with the idea of polyethism – the idea an ant will conduct different roles inside the colony at different times in its life.  This behaviour is not novel, but has recently been demonstrated on an unparalleled scale. Danielle Mersch and her colleagues tagged every single worker in six colonies of Camponotus … Continue reading

Termites (not fairies) cause plant circles in African deserts

Not quite ants, bees or wasps, but still pretty cool. In arid, sandy soils ranging from Angola to South Africa, “fairy rings” of perennial grass species dot the landscape. These rings have inspired ecological and mythological speculation about their origins.  Norbert Jürgens of the University of Hamburg in Germany has worked on these rings for years … Continue reading